How to create lifelong sustainability with functional pain-free exercise and nutrition

Don’t jeopardize your orthopedic and metabolic health; rejuvenate your life with sustainable/individualized nutrition & Functional strength programming. 

For the past 25 years I’ve dealt with constant back pain and debilitation from it. There were times where I couldn’t even work or get out of bed. I’ve been working with Larry for two months and already I’ve seen a huge improvement. For the first time in a long time my back has not gone out in a month. It used to go out every two weeks. I would highly suggest anyone with any kind of ailments to go to him he knows what he’s doing!  - Mike C.

Your overwhelmed with the abundance of fitness information, exercises and programs available on the internet.  

You have tried every program and “diet” with no results to show for it besides a cranky low-back, achy knees, stiff hips and elbows that scream at you.  


Whether you’re an athlete, weekend warrior, bodybuilder or just starting out again; we will decide TOGETHER which route is appropriate for your goals.


Understanding and programming APPROPRIATE exercise and nutrition is a problem for just about everybody, not to mention the accountability aspect of being consistent with that program.


If you can relate to this problem… We have the answers


Our daily dynamic warm-up, training programs, nutrition, and accountability system in place will set you up not only for tomorrow but the rest of your life.  


It’s simple.  It’s effective.  It’s sustainable.


We have been implementing and improving these methods over the course of 10 years.  Working with hundreds of clients/patients.

I’ve been working with Larry for a few months. He is definitely knowledgeable in his craft. What separates him from other trainers I’ve experienced is the attention to details, aligns your goals to his nutritional knowledge and designs training programs to suit your needs and abilities. 
You won’t be disappointed having him as your trainer. You will only disappoint yourself thinking you can do this by yourself!  - Mylene B.

Our tried and true methods are not only backed by science and research but implemented and proven to work in the real world.

And we have plenty of testimonials to back this up.   


Imagine what it would be like to not have to worry about hurting yourself in the gym or what “diet” you’re going to have to suffer through next.


Let us take that burden off your shoulders and restructure how you move, eat and live your life.  


Using our (Myself & Wife) 20 plus years of combined experience treating, rehabbing, strengthening, and programming for clients/patients in both clinical and real-world scenarios.  


Katrina Lee- Doctor of Physical Therapy, IASTM and Rock tape certified


Lawrence Lee- Exercise Science, Master Trainer, (L1) Precision Nutrition, Functional Movement Screen (FMS) certified, Listed as one of the top fitness professionals in the capitol district (NY) 2017.  


We will help you reach your fitness goals pain free and develop a system (exercise/nutrition) that you will use for the rest of your life.  


Our PROVEN tried and true program will;


You’ll learn our daily dynamic warm-up that will get you moving and keep you moving pain-free.  Even if you don’t have aches and pain (and who doesn’t), this system will drastically reduce the chances of it from happening


Your INTELLEGENTLY designed and joint friendly stability/strength exercise programming will keep you orthopedically healthy while adding muscle and dropping body-fat.


We can’t forget about the most important muscle in the body, the heart.  Forget about mindlessly walking on the treadmill for hours on end. We strategically implement various anerobic, aerobic and mixed energy system days to help you meet your goals and keep that heart healthy without getting bored and burnt out.  


We have 2 routes to choose from here.  (1) Our habit-based approach; Includes up to 12 continuous months of establishing fundamental nutrition habits. (2) Macronutrient based approach; we set macros.  You meet them, we adjust as necessary. We can make an educated decision together on which route will work best for you.


Last, yet most important.  Accountability. Listen, as much as I’d like to tell you our system is the only way  I’d be lying, its not. But I can tell you our way works, and it works really well. Any program can get you strong and lose weight.  But few can keep you orthopedically and metabolically healthy. But none of it even matters if you aren’t consistent. We hold you accountable every day.  

Top notch training and nutrition solution! Larry works with you directly to determine your capabilities and builds a program best suited to you. It’s simple, and super effective. I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to better their nutrition and feel healthier, wanting help with functional mobility, fitness and more!

I have been working with Larry for several months now as a personal trainer. I cannot recommend him enough. When I started, I had no clue as to what I was doing and wouldn't have known where to begin. He tailored each workout to the level I was at while still pushing me to be better and push myself. One of the things that I really enjoy about working with Larry is that he explains in detail what each movement should be working and where I should be feeling it with proper form. I have learned a ton and have gotten stronger as a result. I can definitely say that working with him has improved my quality of movement and life. His knowledge is unquestionable and he knows when to push and when something isn't right and extra stretching is needed. Again, I cannot recommend him enough. -Ken K.

Here’s what you get;


After signing up; (programs will always start on the 1st Monday after you enroll & will be pushed to the following Monday if you enroll after 12am Fridays)


  • Monthly (weekly adjustments) individualized pain free functional strength, conditioning, nutrition & accountability programming; Take the guess work out of exercise and nutrition and let’s build some sustainability and consistency   


  • Lee PT & Wellness mobile app- Have access to us 24/7 with all your training, coaching and more in your pocket


  • Access to the members only Facebook group; meet other members, communicate and most importantly, upload exercise videos for us to analyze and give feedback on how you move/exercise (video uploads can also be done directly in your app)




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