• Dr. Katrina Lee, PT

Strength isn't about looking good....

Muscle strength is more about living and aging with intent. Being able to go up your stairs without pain/exhaustion, getting down on the floor to play with your grand kids (and for some…your kids), being healthy to live and see your kids and grand kids graduate high school and college…the list goes on.

For me, it is about being a beacon of strength and hope for my three kids. Showing them that strength is beautiful and empowering in this very unhealthy world. It is about seeing what the amazing human body is capable of and how resilient we are.

A few fun facts about muscle….

Lean muscle increases metabolic rate, increasing your body’s energy requirements and in turn, burning more fat. This includes visceral (organ) fat which increases risks for certain types of cancers. Muscle improves the condition of your liver…been told you have a fatty liver? That is not a good thing and sets you up for a whole list of health problems.

Muscle helps to prevent many types of injuries, think of it as a support system to your bones and ligaments. For women, improving your muscle helps fight osteoporosis as there has been multiple studies to support weight bearing and loading programs improving bone strength to fight this nasty disease. Also, those of you in or on the cusps of going through “the change”, building muscle helps with all the symptoms associated with menopause.

Muscles and being strong makes everyday life so much easier! You are more useful when you can lift something, this includes lifting yourself off the floor.

Muscle improves mood, promotes healthier lifestyle changes, and improves libido. Who doesn’t want all of those great side effects!?

When we say, “building muscle”, we are not talking about High Intensity Interval Training 5 days a week or signing up for Crossfit. We are simply talking about picking up some heavier stuff (safely) and possibly working with someone to help guide you through this process.

So I challenge you to start by simply picking up a gallon of milk, water, or vinegar (whatever is handy and has some weight behind it) and begin walking a few steps with this at your side a few times per day. A small, simple change can open the doors to a whole world that you didn’t think was possible.

It is never “all or nothing”, you should all be thinking “always something”.


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