Here at Lee PT & Wellness we believe in preventative care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We offer a semi-private Wellness Program as well as professional private Personal Training sessions to fit your preventative care as well as your post therapy needs. 

Our wellness program/Private Personal Training Sessions are individualized to every person.  


*New* We now offer a COMPLETELY online Nutrition/Exercise Training and Consultation Service.








Lee PT & Wellness now offers online Personal Training to clients around the world. Contact us to set up a time for a [health] [fitness] assessment so that we can assess your condition, your goals, and create a training program that fits your needs.





Individualized Exercise Programs are designed on two key factors; Functional Movement Screening (FMS) and your fitness goals.  Your exercise program is also designed around other factors, such as your schedule (hours per week dedicated to workouts), physical limitations, and available equipment. 

Our Nutrition Program is habit based.  We don't prescribe meal plans, 7 day detoxes, and/or quick fix fad diets.  TOGETHER we work to find what will work best for you.  Small habit changes over a extended period of time will reinforce  a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.  This is why our nutrition program is delivered over the course of a 12 month period.  Just be ready to put in some hard work, like we said this program is not a quick fix.  We will require that you take ownership of your nutrition/lifestyle as we work together toward your specific goals.    

The process is made simple for you.  You get assessed by our Fitness Professional. You receive a specific program (Nutrition & Exercise) tailored to your needs and goals, we review the program together.  WE work together to meet your fitness goals. 

Meet your Functional Movement Specialist 










Lawrence Lee, CSCS, FMS, PPSC

Larry operates the Wellness Division and is a highly skilled Nutrition and Functional Movement Specialist.  He is been a successful Personal Trainer for over 10 years.  Not only does Larry have his degree in Exercise Science, but he is a also a Certified Master Trainer and a Level 1 Precision Nutrition coach.

  A highly sought after Fitness Professional in the Capitol District, Larry has helped hundreds of clients ranging from high school athletes to clients with debilitating diseases such as Parkinson's achieve their goals.  Larry is best known for his ability to help people move better and move pain free. He has been ranked as one of the top Fitness Professionals/Personal Trainers in the Capitol District (Times Union 2017).

 As a former Active Duty member of the Military and Police Officer, as well as a family man of a lovely wife and 3 wonderful children; Larry has the life experience, training background, and passion to guide clients in all walks of life to meet their fitness goals. 

Schedule a FREE consultation with Larry to determine if our program will be a good fit for you. 

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